Dark Spots

Melanin is the pigment that protects us from the sun's rays, therefore, the more we expose ourselves to the sun, the more susceptible we are to our skin being affected by patches of a different coloration.

The spots on the skin vary. They can consist of freckles or efélides, moles, melasma (brown spots), lentigines or more severe cases such as melanomas (a malignant tumor that is often confused with a mole). To treat all the cases mentioned above, the patient should go directly to a specialist, professional dermatologist, who will have the knowledge and studies necessary to decide which treatments or procedures are most convenient for the patient.

In essence, moles are natural and common skin formations; however, if you notice that one of the moles or spots on your body grows, changes color or changes shape, you should see a dermatologist as soon as possible. If you are in Bogotá, Dr. Luis F. Gonzalez is ready to assist you as soon as you need it, contact us at +57 1 7953782 to schedule an appointment with us today.