Electrocautery is a surgical procedure to remove unusual tissue formation or to stop bleeding from a wound during surgery (hemorrhages). Additionally, this method is also used to remove benign lesions in hard-to-reach areas; It is a safe procedure in which the tissue is cauterized with electricity, a probe with electric current is used for this, passing it through the lesion to cauterize or destroy it.

Electrocautery is a simple procedure, but it requires the examination of an expert dermatologist who knows what the best techniques are to use to achieve optimal results.

Dr. Luis F. Gonzalez knows and masters the various techniques to use Electrocautery in the treatment of warts, removal of tumors, etc. His studies and practices in Colombia and the United States make him one of the best dermatologists in Bogotá, Colombia. If you are looking for an expert dermatologist in Colombian or have any questions about this or other procedures in surgical dermatology, make an appointment with us by calling the +57 1 7953782 or filling out the form that you find on this page .
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