The induction of collagen with microneedles is a minimally invasive technique that consists in the micro puncture of the skin, such as the nanoroller, which, when passed through the area to be treated, induces a natural production of collagen and elastin, effective for the treatment of various skin disorders, especially wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scars. The nanoroller is a pencil-type device whose tip has multiple needles, which facilitate the entry of nutrients and substances into deeper layers of the skin.

This cosmetic treatment is also used to treat skin blemishes (melasma), hair loss (alopecia) and aging marks (fine wrinkles). The nanoroller can be applied to various areas of the body and is a product for medical and professional use. The induction of collagen with microneedles with this device is painless, although it may generate some discomfort in the patient at the time of application. In general, with 4 to 6 sessions are recommended as initial treatment, although these will be determined specifically according to the patient and the pathology to be treated.

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