Warts Treatment

Warts are infections caused by the human papilloma virus of non-oncogenic serotypes and unrelated to cervical cancer. They are injuries that can appear in any part of the body, being more frequent in the hands, feet and the genital area. Warts, being an infection, have the ability to infect other parts of the skin.

There are various medications and treatments to remove warts on the skin, which a dermatologist may prescribe after examining the patient's skin in consultation. Removing a wart is a delicate process that requires extreme precision; therefore, it must be done by a doctor who specializes in treating skin problems such as the Luis F. Gonzalez.

If you want to remove a wart on your body or are concerned about the appearance of these lesions on your skin, Dr. Luis F. Gonzalez can help you. His studies and practices in different hospitals in Colombia and the United States accredit him as an excellent dermatologist in Bogotá. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling the +57 1 7953782.