Skin Spots Causes, Types and Treatments

May 13, 2020

Skin spots are skin conditions that prompt many people to see a dermatologist. Although most Skin Spots are benign, it is always recommended to contact a good doctor specialized in clinical dermatology, who is the only health professional capable of effectively carrying out the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Many people are concerned about their skin spots, especially if they appear suddenly or for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the Skin Spots change in size, color, texture and in some specific cases they can generate scales and suppurations. The important thing in all these cases is to stay calm and watch the injury carefully.

In this blog post we are going to talk about Skin Spots, their causes, types and treatments. You will notice that most Skin Spots do not cause major inconvenience, however, some types of Skin Spots are signs of diseases that must be treated quickly.

What are Skin Spots? What are its Causes?

Skin Spots are variations of the pigmentation of this organ, which are generally associated to an increase or decrease in melanin, a pigment derived from the amino acid tyrosine that gives the skin its coloration and protects it from UV rays.

The causes of Skin Spots are diverse and are basically divided into internal and external factors:
The skin spots have different shades from the rest of the skin and are basically of two types:
  1. Dark Skin Spots , which are caused by excess melanin (hyperpigmentation) in the affected area. These dark spots vary from reddish, going through light brown to black. They are more visible in people with light complexions and in some cases, they can present rough texture and relief.
  2. White spots on the skin , that unlike the previous ones, these are the result of a decrease or total absence of melanin (hypopigmentation) of the affected area. The depigmentation of the skin is more evident in people with dark or brown complexion and in certain types they can generate flaking.

Most Common Skin Spot Types

Types of dark spots on the skin:

Types of white spots on the skin:

Skin Spot Treatment

Since most Skin Spots are consequences of other minor conditions that do not represent serious health problems, the main treatments are corrective and aesthetic.

For example, laser is very effective for freckle removal, moles, lentigo and melasma.The laser is a controlled light emission, that is, it is a beam whose waves are manipulated according to the purpose you want with them. In the examples of skin spots already mentioned, the laser only acts on the pigments that are to be removed without affecting the rest of the skin. Many melasma patients, as a consequence of pregnancy, observe a reduction of the spots when their gestation period ends, but in other cases the melasma remains even after pregnancy, so the application of laser is necessary for its removal.

Treatment for mycosis is usually topical in nature, mostly in the form of creams and pills, but an evaluation of the immune system is also recommended. Pityriasis alba can be treated with antifungal treatments, in addition to reducing exposure to the sun and unnecessary contact with water.

However, those Skin Spots that are signs of chronic diseases, such as acanthosis nigricans and diabetic dermopathy, must be treated comprehensively under strict medical supervision, since these will not disappear on their own until the factors are controlled. that cause it, such as diabetes mellitus and obesity. However, the laser is used to reduce the thickness of acanthosis nigricans spots and improve their appearance.

And as we already explained, only a very small percentage of freckles can lead to melanomas. The treatment of melanoma skin cancer should be carried out by a specialist doctor (dermatologist or oncologist), who will evaluate the most appropriate treatment according to the type of injury and degree of progress: surgery, radiotherapy, etc.

As you can see, the Skin Spots are multifactorial and in most cases they do not represent any health problem, but sometimes they are manifestations of pre-existing diseases or that can lead to serious diseases. That is why I recommend that you do not apply home remedies, since they do not offer any improvement, they can even worsen the condition.

If you have spots on the skin, I invite you to come to my office, where I will provide you with the appropriate diagnosis on the type of spot you have, I will show you the different alternatives and offer you personalized advice to guarantee an excellent result. I invite you to contact me through the +57 1 7953782 or through the contact form I will attend you shortly!

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